[About the wear]

The brand's clothing is made from environmentally friendly materials and recycled materials, such as plant-based raw materials and recycled PET materials. We use domestically produced fabrics, and are mindful of environmental impact and sustainability. All production is carried out in domestic sewing factories.

In addition, there is no logo printed on the outer fabric of the clothing. This is to prevent unnecessary waste, which is also in line with the brand's vision. The value of the clothing is not dependent on the brand name, but is left to the wearer, so that they can use it for a long time. A portion of the brand's sales will be donated to the maintenance costs of mountain trails.
Donation to: Northern Alps Trail Maintenance Liaison Council , Japan Mountain Heritage Fund

Furthermore, the brand will take responsibility for collecting any unwanted clothing, repairing it, cleaning it, and donating it to individuals or organizations in need.