In order to challenge the notion of "slim fit justice" that has been taken for granted in outdoor wear in general, we set out to create a modern, relaxed fit knickerbocker.

One thing that bothered me about wearing slim pants during activities such as mountain climbing was that sweat would accumulate inside the pants and moisture could not escape. It is true that slim pants are well thought out and easy to move in, such as ergonomically designed three-dimensional cuts. However, because of this, they fit too tightly to the body, making it impossible to roll up the pants and making it very difficult to keep the inside of the pants dry. A tight fit and ease of movement means that there is less excess fabric, which also reduces wind resistance even in strong winds. I guess that's about it for an advantage.

These pants are designed to be worn around town during and after mountain climbs, and are made to the same specifications as suit pants, with updated details so that they can be worn during activities as well.

The silhouette looks thick when laid flat, but we made repeated fine adjustments to make it fit better when worn. The default fit (short) is set to 8-9 quarter length, but we have created a full-length type so that the ankles can be hidden even in the middle of winter, and we have two sizes available.

Details include a coin pocket and two tucks to give more room around the waist and hips. The waist can be tied with a flat string made from the same fabric, and the waist mark is doubled so that it can be worn with a tucked-in top.

The cuffs can be tightened with a drawstring, but usually the stopper sticks out from the outside of the fabric, making it look unfashionable. Also, in this case, when tightening the drawstring, the cord hangs down too long and can get caught on branches, which can be unpleasant. The stopper of this pullover is specially made and hidden inside the fabric, allowing excess drawstring to be stored. With this specification, we would like to define it as functioning as both outdoor and urban wear.

In terms of functionality, there are ventilation pockets with flaps from the outer thigh to the knee to prevent heat buildup. The fabric used is an environmentally friendly material with a water-repellent finish and 4-way stretch that is comfortable to wear .