I was looking for an oversized, lightweight pullover that I could easily wear over a T-shirt or a hoodie. Even though it's oversized, it's only partially oversized, and has a logical shape for layering. Most outdoor brand clothing is designed to fit the body, and in the pursuit of functionality, it's hard to find a size that's appropriately loose. On the other hand, fashion brand clothing doesn't have enough gimmicks. That's why I decided to make it.

First of all, it is designed to be lightweight, easy to put on and take off, and does not retain heat, with the assumption that it will be worn during activities. We decided to design it with these two basic elements in mind. If you hold the garment in your hands, you will understand that it is a pullover that suits the word airy very well.

The silhouette is a boxy silhouette with a slightly shorter length, and the width of the body, sleeves, and shoulders are set wider. It is a fresh piece that can be layered over fleece or down jackets that should not get wet. The back length is a fishtail shape to cover the hips, and the hem can be tightened with a drawstring.

The "flap" in the name refers to a fold-in part at the chest, and the back of the flap is made of fine mesh fabric, which acts as ventilation to prevent heat from building up.

Another feature of this style that was given special attention is the hidden zipper that makes the most of the box silhouette and dropped shoulders. When you hear "pullover," the first thing that comes to mind is that it is difficult to put on and take off, but this pullover can be opened wide by opening and closing the zipper on the shoulder, making it possible to put on and take off the garment even while wearing a hat.

The cuffs can be tightened with a drawstring, but usually the stopper sticks out from the outside of the fabric, making it look unfashionable. Also, when tightening the drawstring, the cord hangs down too long and can get caught on branches, which can be unpleasant. The stopper on this pullover is specially made and hidden inside the fabric, allowing excess drawstring to be stored. With this specification, we would like to define it as functioning as both outdoor and urban wear.

The logo is subtly embossed in a similar color on the back of the neck.

The fabric used is an environmentally friendly material with a water-repellent finish and 4-way stretch that is comfortable to wear.