We thought it would be convenient to have a hood with a brim, like those found on 3-layer rainwear, attached to a lightweight outerwear and that it could be stowed away, so we created this product.

I think that everyone has at least one zip hoodie in their wardrobe, but how many people have the best one for the activity they are doing? If you are just walking around town, you probably won't mind the thick hood restricting your neck movement, but what about when you are out in the mountains?

Almost all mountain climbing outerwear comes with a hood. So when choosing an inner layer, you will probably choose one without a hood. It would be very convenient if the hood could be removed and stored. Most of the hoods that come with thin zip-up hoodies used as inner layers are of a quality that can be described as "just being there." In most cases, no consideration is given to the performance or comfort of wearing the hood when actually wearing it. I thought that if there was a hood with a brim that did not interfere with neck movement as much as possible and had a core, the possibilities for layering would increase.

The overall silhouette is neither too thin nor too thick, and is gently tapered from the armpit to the hem. The fabric from the underarm to the armpit is made of a lighter material.

The back length is fishtailed to cover the hips, and the hem can be tightened with a drawstring. There is a large-capacity pocket on the left chest.

As mentioned earlier, the stowable hood has been designed with a pattern that minimizes the amount of head movement that is hindered. A thin, flexible interlining is placed in the brim to ensure visibility even in the rain. The stopper that adjusts the fit of the hood is a special one that is hidden inside the fabric, making it suitable for urban wear.

Usually, the stopper sticks out from the outside of the fabric, making it look unfashionable. This stopper is the same as the one used on the cuffs of the FLAP PULLOVER and the hem of the ACTIVIST SLACKS.

The fabric used is an environmentally friendly material with a water-repellent finish and 4-way stretch that is comfortable to wear .